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BeCOME A FeedOps Agency

Unlock the secret to product data optimization for better advertising results

FeedOps is designed to help performance marketers optimize feeds. Contact us for a demo

Win and keep more ecommerce customers

Generate Free Product Data Audits to win new business. The Audits show a website’s health and readiness to advertise on channels like Microsoft, Meta and Google. You can then use The Playbook to prioritise your work on tasks that improve ROAS.

Control the entire advertising process

The best way to stay aligned to your clients’ ecommerce advertising goals is to control the product data. The data itself creates the ads and you also use the data to segment campaigns. If you are accountable for ROAS then you should be in control of the product data.

Help your staff up skill, learn and develop

Machine learning has been with us for a while and AI will be the next revolution in ecommerce advertising. FeedOps is ready for it.  Partner with us and extend your team and we will provide the tools and support your team need to succeed.

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