Machine Learning & Smart Bidding – Optimise your Campaigns and reach your Goals

It is hard to deny that AI is already a crucial part of online advertising. Yet, many advertisers are still struggling with the concept and how it can apply to their business. Google’s Machine Learning and Smart Bidding strategies are one way that online advertisers can take advantage of AI for their online advertising. Together, […]

Google Ads Extensions: What Are The Types And How Do I Automate Them?

Google Ad extensions are a way to expand your text ad with additional information. According to Google, they typically increase your ad’s click through rate (CTR) and give your ad great visibility on the Google search results page. Google Ad extensions give customers other alternative ways to interact with your ad. Below is an example […]

Responsive Search Ads: Everything You Need To Know

One of the most common ad formats that we are asked about is Google Responsive Search Ads and how they differ from Google Expanded Text Ads. What Are Responsive Search Ads? Responsive search ads have been designed by Google to allow more flexibility to ensure that the most relevant ad copy is shown to any […]

Google Ads Data That Will Improve Your Revenue

What is Google Ads data and why is it useful? Data in this context is a method of communication. There are different ways in which data can communicate the performance of your advertising in Google. But, it’s important to remember not all of it is relevant. To get the most revenue out of your advertising, […]

Google Announces New Product Data Specification Requirements: What Are They And Why?

Google have announced new requirements for Google Shopping feeds, with the goal of improving the online shopping experience for consumers. These changes may affect your business. It is important to know how complying with these new requirements will improve the overall quality of your advertising. What Are The Product Data Specification Changes And When Do […]

The Hidden Benefits Of Google Ads For Retailers

You can see how much you spend; how much revenue you have made online from this spend and then calculate the efficiency of this. The intent-driven nature of the ads makes it one of the most effective forms of advertising. When people need something they can easily search, and they’re not busy and distracted by […]

Google Shopping Announcement – Free Listings In The Shopping Tab

What it is – free organic listings on Google shopping which will be available only in the Google Shopping tab on (not the Google search homepage). This will power a larger comparison engine of products within the Shopping tab exclusively.   Your paid Shopping ads will continue to serve within this tab (as well […]

Google Ad Formats, What Should You Use?

Importance of online advertising Online advertising is critical to the success of a business with a website, particularly for those needing to get sales when footfall is decreasing for retailers. Online advertising will help your business to be found by those that are searching for your products. People are turning to the internet, now more […]

Dynamic Remarketing – Its Now Free With Smart Shopping

Remarketing is commonly known as a way to re-engage with people who have previously visited your website, or used your mobile app. Dynamic remarketing is a more advanced version of this, allowing you to show ads that contain images of the specific products or services these people have recently viewed. This provides opportunities to generate […]

Google Ads Quiz – Should You Be Running Your Own Google Ads?

Google Ads for eCommerce can be easy to start but hard to master. You may have some sales from your ads coming in the door and you may be happy with the results, but are you leaving opportunities on the table? Take this “low tech” eCommerce Google Ads quiz and test your knowledge. Take out […]