Work On The Most Important Feed Optimization Tasks First

Work on the most important feed optimization tasks first using the FeedOps Playbook. The FeedOps Playbook now has health check and optimization scores to help you identify problems and opportunities. Product data feeds provide the fuel that powers product level advertising programs such as Shopping Ads, Pmax and Dynamic Remarketing Ads. If you want to improve your return on ad spend, feed optimization is what you need to be doing.

Find Targeted and Valuable Keywords For Your Product Feeds

Google Shopping Keywords in Product Data Feed

Why use keywords in your shopping feeds? 01 Shoppers Search Shoppers use keywords in Google and Bing Shopping to search and discover products to buy. 02 ML Needs Signals Google and Bing both use machine learning to power their shopping engines and advertising platforms. 03 Data Signals The more signals you provide to a machine […]