New Feature: Feed Attribute Mapping

FeedOps helps you get your product data where it needs to be. FeedOps allows you to choose which fields from your website to use as feed attributes, giving you the flexibility to advertise the way you want.

Product Data Export from FeedOps

FeedOps helps you get your product data where it needs to be. Our new export to Google Sheet feature gives you even more flexibility.

New Bulk Editor for Product Data Optimization

Product data optimization is a must in today’s competitive advertising environment, particularly when it comes to search engine marketing (SEM). Those who optimize their data to match the way people search will succeed; those who do not will not be seen. Today we have released a revamped product data editor FeedOps has released several new […]

What is a Google Smart Shopping Campaign?

Smart Shopping campaigns bundle programs such as Shopping Ads and Dynamic Remarketing Ads with Google’s machine learning and Smart Bidding. What makes it a Smart Shopping campaign is that the Google programs work together to achieve a single advertising goal.  Product advertising formats Product advertising formats is a term we use at FeedOps to describe […]

Google Shopping Ads Not Showing?

This article will highlight the key steps required (and potential failure points) to getting your products listed, approved and generating traffic from shoppers searching for the products you sell.

Tracking Google Free Shopping Clicks In Google Analytics

As you may have heard, Google released free shopping listings on the Google Shopping Tab last year in October. These  free listings are available to all e-commerce retailers who have an approved Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping Feed. They appear in the Google results at no cost to the advertiser. Paid ads will continue […]

Optimize Your Google Product Feed With FeedOps

FeedOps helps get products seen by more people, more often with advanced feed optimisation. Get an Optimized Feed for Google Shopping with FeedOps. What is a Product Feed? A product feed is a digitised list of your website’s products and their attributes. This can include a product’s price, title, image, SKU etc. A Product Feed […]

Why Do Online Retailers Need FeedOps?

Since Google announced free listings in October 2020, it’s more important than ever to be where your competitors are. With Google Search having over 90% market share, you need to take advantage of the millions of buyers searching for your products with Google’s Free Listings through FeedOps. What are Google Free Listings? Google free listings […]