Find Targeted and Valuable Keywords For Your Product Feeds

Google Shopping Keywords in Product Data Feed

Why use keywords in your shopping feeds? 01 Shoppers Search Shoppers use keywords in Google and Bing Shopping to search and discover products to buy. 02 ML Needs Signals Google and Bing both use machine learning to power their shopping engines and advertising platforms. 03 Data Signals The more signals you provide to a machine […]

<strong>Why do you need to optimise your product shopping feeds?</strong>

While most retailers are connected to the major eCommerce marketplaces, some might be missing an opportunity to further improve their campaigns with ongoing optimisation of their product feed. Optimising your product feed will help boost the results of your eCommerce marketing campaigns across all sales channels that rely solely on product data feeds to run. […]

New Feature: Feed Attribute Mapping

FeedOps helps you get your product data where it needs to be. FeedOps allows you to choose which fields from your website to use as feed attributes, giving you the flexibility to advertise the way you want.

Product Data Export from FeedOps

FeedOps helps you get your product data where it needs to be. Our new export to Google Sheet feature gives you even more flexibility.

New Bulk Editor for Product Data Optimization

Product data optimization is a must in today’s competitive advertising environment, particularly when it comes to search engine marketing (SEM). Those who optimize their data to match the way people search will succeed; those who do not will not be seen. Today we have released a revamped product data editor FeedOps has released several new […]