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Find Targeted and Valuable Keywords For Your Product Feeds

Why use keywords in your shopping feeds?

01 Shoppers Search

Shoppers use keywords in Google and Bing Shopping to search and discover products to buy.

02 ML Needs Signals

Google and Bing both use machine learning to power their shopping engines and advertising platforms.

03 Data Signals

The more signals you provide to a machine learning ad platform, the better they will work.

The attributes of a product feed data are essentially the only signals that Google and Bing can use to match products to buyers.

Fetching Keyword Ideas feature in FeedOps

Having monthly search volumes directly within the FeedOps platform is one way to take the guesswork out of feed optimisation for our users. We want to make product feed optimisation activities as simple as possible, or in this case, with the click of a button.

Users can now select the highest volume keywords for their product types. Having this best practice in place means greater visibility for your products and product categories across a higher volume of relevant keyword searches.

Remember, the product feed data is essentially the only data that these ecommerce marketplaces use to match your products to buyers, having rich layers of optimised data makes a big difference to the overall success of the campaigns.

Working Example of fetching Keyword Ideas

As an example, Google strongly recommends at least 3 layers of product types in order to show for a wider, broader range of relevant product searches. FeedOps users can maximise their exposure using the opportunity in FeedOps to combine category depth levels with optimised keyword volumes.

In this example, we see that this website has only 2 levels of product depth in their feed. As highlighted in the red box, Product Type category levels 3 to 5 are ‘empty’ and so is the ‘Focus Keyword’ column.

FeedOps Product Feed Editor - Fetch Keyword Ideas - Product Type

To edit the columns, users simply select the products using the check boxes on the left hand side and select ‘Edit’. The screen below then launches:

From here, users are able to select which Product Type level to edit. You are able to edit Product Type levels 1 through to 5, as well as having the option to search for “Keyword Ideas”, in bulk or for individual products. In the above example, we are editing Product Type (3rd Level). Clicking into the dropdown box, you also get the ‘Keyword Ideas’ box, as well as the ‘Average Monthly Searches’ metric, with another box indicating whether you have the keyword already added against the selected attribute. This will also bring up the average monthly searches, in the highlighted red box. Users can also filter at country level, to drill down to the search volumes related to their active markets. In this case above, ‘Woollen Socks’ would be the correct term to insert at 3rd category level, due to the higher search volume. Simply select the search term and hit ‘Save’.

Additional Information 

You can use a seed keyword while fetching for keyword ideas and if you don’t have one, we use the default value for the attribute, if available or each product’s landing page URL.

Aside from the product categories, you can also use the average monthly search volume data to optimise the ‘Focus Keyword’ in your campaigns.


Breakdown Instructions on how the fetch Keyword Ideas in FeedOps


    1. Go to Website > Channel > Products.

    2. Go to Columns Selection > and select any/all Product Type 1, Product Type 2, Product Type 3, Product Type 4, Product Type 5 & Focus           Keyword attributes.

    3. Select the products that you want to fetch keyword ideas for.

    4. Click on “Edit” and open the selected attribute.

    5. Select the country you want to target and then click “Fetch Keyword Ideas”.

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