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New Feature: FeedOps Playbook Items

FeedOps provides suggestions for your product data via playbook items, giving you the flexibility to advertise the way you want.

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Read about the playbook feed optimisation score 

Today we have released a new feature that surfaces suggestions for improving your product data. With this release, the playbook becomes your main entry point for product feed optimization.
Each item in the Playbook provides a unique insight on how to improve your product data to achieve better advertising results.
Playbook Items

How to review FeedOps Playbook items

1: Go to Website > Planning > Playbook

2: You can filter playbook items by supported channels – Google, Facebook & Microsoft.

3: You can “Dismiss” any item. If you want to, you can show dismissed items as well.

Playbook Filters & Dismiss

3: You can “Start” or “Review” any playbook item and it will take you to the correct page within FeedOps.

Some of the new Playbook Items available are as follows:

  • Mapping or setting missing attributes like “Brand, Size, Color, Gender & Age Group” within your feed.
  • Reviewing optimization suggestions for supported attributes.
  • Increasing your product type depth.


Please note that it might take some time (maximum a day) for your optimizations to flow through Google/Facebook/Microsoft (depending on your inventory size) from FeedOps.

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