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Work On The Most Important Feed Optimization Tasks First

Work on the most important feed optimization tasks first using the FeedOps Playbook. The FeedOps Playbook now has health check and optimization scores to help you identify problems and opportunities. Product data feeds provide the fuel that powers product level advertising programs such as Shopping Ads, Pmax and Dynamic Remarketing Ads. If you want to improve your return on ad spend, feed optimization is what you need to be doing.

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The FeedOps (feed optimization) Playbook

The FeedOps Playbook helps people who want to advertise products online to do it better. It helps you manage the product data that is important for successful product level advertising campaigns.

Feed health and optimization score

In October 2022, we launched the FeedOps Playbook to give digital marketers a helping hand, by quickly pinpointing areas of their product data which could use some attention. The Playbook provides invaluable insight into productive and meaningful feed optimization tasks – allowing marketers to improve their product data quality and in turn performance from product level advertising.

The Playbook has been updated with a new health status and optimization score. The color system (green=good, orange=warning, red=urgent) will help users understand their product data status.

 The optimization score will help users see how well their product data is optimized. A user can check their score across all channels or for a specific channel.

Feed Optimization Score

The FeedOps Playbook will recalculate the optimization score every time something changes, like when a product is added or removed. This way, you will always have the most up-to-date optimization score.

Feed optimization job cards

Optimization cards are then shown and put in order based on how much they can help improve the quality of the product data. This will help make ads more successful by showing you how to prioritize your optimization acitivites. Each card also shows how much better the optimization score will be once the task is completed.

Feed Optimization cards

Optimization tasks are things you can do to make your product data better and improve your advertising performance. They can be simple, like adding size or color attributes. 

They can also be more detailed, like applying the FeedOps AI suggestions to improve the quality of the product titles, descriptions, or product types.

Editing your product data for better ROAS

The optimization cards tell you what is wrong or what could be improved. 

There is also a link that takes you to a filtered view of the affected products. You can then either edit the products individually or use the bulk editing tools to save time.

The Playbook is designed to help ecommerce advertisers understand how product data optimization affects advertising. Our aim is to help advertisers reach more customers and improve their return on ad spend by improving the relevance of their ads through product data feed optimization.

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