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Unlock the mystery of product data feeds

Get the feed optimization playbook your agency needs to drive better ROAS for your ecommerce clients.

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Why partner with FeedOps?

Create a new revenue stream

If you don’t already work with ecommerce businesses we can help you get started. If you do have ecommerce clients, optimizing product data is billable work that will add value to your clients’ advertising campaigns.

Retain & upsell more customers

Exceed your clients’ expectations with ROI improvements. Saving time on manual optimisation tasks allows Account Managers to better service clients and focus on more strategic initiatives, including expansion opportunities.

Upskill your existing digital team

Product data feeds are powering an increasing number of channels and digital advertising formats. We can help to train your existing digital experts to optimize product data to achieve better advertising outcomes. Our AI powered playbook will ensure your team has the necessary insights, tools and support to succeed.

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Find out how you can get the insights, tools and support you need to improve your product level advertising in Google, Meta & Microsoft.

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