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Unlock the full potential of your Google Shopping feed and achieve better results from your Google shopping ads with FeedOps. The feed optimization platform designed to solve advertising problems for advertisers that want better results.

Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose FeedOps for Your Google Shopping Feed Success

  1. Specialized in Google Shopping  Ads: FeedOps is specifically designed to optimize Google Shopping feeds for paid advertising, ensuring maximum performance and ROI.
  2. Indefinite Free Trial & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with our indefinite free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee when you upgrade.
  3. AI-Powered Insights: Leverage the power of AI-driven recommendations to maximize your Google Shopping Feed’s performance and improve your ad campaigns.
  4. Efficient Work Planning: Our flexible audit scheduling helps you plan and manage work efficiently, making it easy to communicate results with your team.
  5. Time-Saving Bulk Editing: Quickly edit multiple product attributes at once, streamlining the optimization process and saving you time.
  6. Enhanced Ad Targeting: Use our keyword research tool and templated titles and descriptions to target specific keywords, improving your ad ranking and visibility.
  7. Easy Shopping Cart Integration: Connect your shopping cart with built-in APIs for all major e-commerce stores, no coding required.

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Effortlessly Manage Your Google Shopping Feed with FeedOps

Discover the risk-free way to optimize your Google Shopping Feed with FeedOps: effortlessly connect your e-commerce store, improve your feed using AI-driven recommendations, and unlock better advertising performance by upgrading to a paid plan. Get started today with no credit card required!

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Connect your shopping cart with built-in APIs for all major e-commerce stores, no coding required.


Schedule audits anytime, plan work efficiently & communicate results with ease.



Optimize feeds with AI-driven recommendations – just review and accept suggested changes.

Optimize product data at no cost, and pay when connecting to Google Merchant Center, from $250/month. 

Three Key Features of FeedOps That Will Elevate Your Google Advertising Performance

FeedOps AI: Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Feed Optimization

FeedOps AI intelligently analyzes and optimizes your Google Shopping Feed for paid advertising, identifying improvement opportunities and providing data-driven recommendations. Prioritize tasks efficiently and maximize your advertising investment with this user-friendly AI. Seamlessly integrated with the Playbook, you can review and accept suggested changes effortlessly. Enhance your Google Shopping campaigns with the power of FeedOps AI.

The Playbook: Streamlined Task Management for Optimal Advertising Performance

The Playbook, seamlessly integrated with FeedOps AI, is your go-to tool for effectively managing and optimizing your Google Shopping Feed. Navigate effortlessly through job cards that provide clear instructions, shortcut links to the exact product data that needs attention. Focus on task management, prioritization, and efficient problem-solving to maximize your return on investment and unlock the full potential of your feed for optimal advertising performance.

Keyword Targeting: Boost Visibility and Sales with Optimized Product Attributes

Leverage FeedOps’ powerful keyword targeting feature to enhance your product visibility and reach in Google Shopping. Utilize our Keyword Research Tool to select popular search terms and strategically optimize product attributes. Combined with Templated Titles and Descriptions, you can create targeted titles and descriptions that align with customer searches. Experience better rankings, increased traffic, and improved sales with FeedOps’ keyword targeting feature.

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Most frequent questions and answers

When you add a product to your website, you upload images, you give it a title, a description and other attributes that you think may help your customers make an informed purchasing decision. The attributes that are assigned to each SKU are the “product data”.

A “product data feed” is simply a digitized file that contains each SKU and the associated product attributes. Advertising channels like Google, Microsoft and Meta, use your product data feed to create product level ads. Your product title becomes the ad title, the product image becomes the ad image, and the rest of the product data is mostly used as inputs for machine learning.

Each channel has different rules and different ad formats. If your product data does not conform, it can limit the visibility of your ads, which can lead to less clicks and ultimately less sales. Ad formats like Pmax and Shopping, for example, are driven by keywords. If your product data does not contain relevant, popular keywords, then you are sure to be missing out on sales opportunities.

The process of improving your product data feed for each advertising channel, so that your products are approved and appear when people search for them, is known as product data feed optimization.

FeedOps is a product feed optimization platform designed for digital marketers who are looking to drive better results from their ads.

You know how to control your advertising budget and goals; with FeedOps you can now take control of product data to make your ads work better.

Think of it as a new lever to pull for getting better performance from your ads.

Try it for free.

You can use the free account to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the FeedOps platform
  • Use the FeedOps Playbook to learn more about feed optimization
  • Generate free product data audits to communicate with other stakeholders
  • Find and fix errors in your product data before you use it in your ads


To use the feed in your ads you will need to upgrade to a full access plan.

We have API connections (integrations) with all the major ecommerce platforms, including:

  • BigCommerce
  • ecwid
  • Magento 2
  • Marketplacer
  • Neto (Maropost)
  • Nop Commerce
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • WooCommerce


To get started, start your free account and follow the instructions in the app.

If your platform isn’t listed above, please contact us. We can also help with custom integrations.

We specialize in optimizing product feeds for better advertising outcomes and therefore support the channels that spend the majority of the advertisers budgets. The native channels in FeedOps are Google, Microsoft and Meta.

The ad formats that we provide native support are:

  • Google Shopping
  • Microsoft Shopping
  • Google PMax
  • Microsoft MSAN
  • Dynamic Remarketing (Google, Microsoft & Meta)


We can also create custom feeds for other ad channels, email and marketplaces. 

No.  We charge a platform fee.

Contact us for a demo and we will be happy to discuss pricing. Our fees are fair and reasonable and we believe we provide great value for money.

In most cases your feed will only need to be updated daily.

If you need more frequent updates, we can accommodate that too.

That is entirely up to you but it will depend on the following factors:

  • How often do your products churn
  • The number of products you haves


The playbook helps you focus in on the tasks that are likely to have the best outcome for your ads. If resources are scarce, FeedOps also offer a feed management service.

We offer ticket support on all plans (including our free accounts).

On the Full access plans, we offer customer success management which includes:

  • Support with platform usage
  • Help with Feed Optimization decisions 
  • Merchant Center Disapproval Support