Get products seen by more people, more often with advanced feed optimization.

eCommerce needs quality traffic from multiple channels

Use FeedOps to increase your product advertising reach and visibility.

Learn more about FeedOps and our advanced plans 

Optimize product feeds for better advertising performance

No coding required

Connect the website product data​

Sync product data from any eCommerce store and create a Google Shopping feed.

Sync to Google Merchant Center

Connect to an existing or create a new Google Merchant Center account

Merchant Center errors and warnings

Get help to understand errors and warnings and what to do to fix them

Bulk product title optimization

Prefix website titles with brands, categories, size or any other attribute available in your feed in any order

Bulk category & attribute rewrites

Rewrite categories or attributes to match search terms - e.g. change "Running" to "Running Shoes"

Edit any attribute category or field

Edit any field in the product or add missing product data attributes. e.g. "gender" 

Demo of FeedOps and discussion of advanced plans 

Why use FeedOps?

Easy integration

We have pre-built integrations with the largest e-Commerce platforms.

Existing feed migration

We'll help you migrate your existing feeds at no extra charge.

Additional channel feeds

Add feeds at any time for other PPC channels or affiliate feeds.

Proactive feed reviews

Get reviews of your feed optimizations & errors in Merchant Center

GTIN Overlays

We have a database that can help you fill in the gaps

Video conference support

Discuss specific issues or general feeds and Merchant Center training

Custom feed formats & structures

If you need a feed at a parent-product level, or in a different format

Custom label implementation

Implement a custom label to segment your advertising

Conversion tracking tags

Having trouble? Our customer engineering team can help.

Dynamic Re-Marketing tags

We can take care of this for you too

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that we are price competitive and offer great support. We have a range of prices depending on your requirements and the number of websites. Book in a demo and ask us for a quote. 

You get priority online ticket support as well as video conference calls that you can use to address any feed or training issue. 

The Starter plan is free and suits eCommerce sites that want to get into Google to take advantage of the unpaid clicks in the Google Shopping tab.  There are no limits to the number of products but FeedOps Starter is limited to a single website per user and less optimization features. 

The Optimize plan is a fully featured feed Optimization tool that allows you to change any product feed attribute. You can also produce multiple PPC feeds per store  for other channels (such as Facebook or Pinterest) at no additional cost. The Optimze plan also includes video conference support and training.

FeedOps will allow you to change any aspect of your feed for any channel. You can either use your Google Shopping feed in Facebook, Microsoft or any other advertising channel or create a separate feed with different optimizations. 

You do.

FeedOps gives you the control you need to optimize your feed. However, we are here to help with in-app, ticket and meeting support. 

Yes, we do. Depending upon the source of the data there may be extra fees and charges, but we can certainly help you get set up for LIAs.