May Promotion. Free Setup Valued Up to $800 USD

Only 32 spots available this month.

Considering investing in Shopping/PMax ads? This setup is crucial.

We optimize your shopping feed to target high-value keywords, saving suggestions for your review before making changes. These optimizations can double impressions and clicks—valued at $250 USD alone. This opportunity sets your Shopping/PMax ads up for success and teaches you how to maintain them as your business evolves.

Additionally, you can also opt for Conversion Tracking setup for both Google and Microsoft via Google Tag Manager—for free (valued at $350 USD).

Kickstart your advertising with up to $200 USD of free ad spend on Microsoft Ads for eligible customers.

Limited Spots Available, Act Quickly

Note: This offer is exclusive to users who’ve installed the FeedOps App on either Shopify or BigCommerce.

Shopping Feed Optimization Google & Microsoft Bing (Valued at $250 USD)

Google and Microsoft rely heavily on your product data. The more data you provide, the better they can match your products to buyers. They use millions of signals based on user behavior and search history. Optimizing your shopping feed with keyword-rich information increases visibility and sales in Shopping & PMax ads.

We offer FREE Stage 1 feed optimization for up to 300 SKUs

It’s important to note that we won’t alter how your products appear on your website; this optimization is to boost traffic from Google and Microsoft Shopping. We’ll save these changes as suggestions for your approval. 

What we will do.

  1. Choose a focused keyword for each SKU. This ensures targeted traffic to your products.
  2. Fill in your product types up to 5 levels. This aids Google Shopping and Microsoft Bing in understanding your products and provides additional keyword-rich information.
  3. Create product titles targeting focused keywords, designed to enhance traffic and sales.

This is the best way to learn feed optimization with FeedOps. If you’re interested in us handling this for you, we’re happy to provide a quote.

Free Enhanced Conversion Tracking Set up with Google Tag Manager (Valued at $350 USD)

Enhanced conversions in Google Ads is a feature that helps improve the accuracy of conversion tracking. It uses first-party data to enhance the measurement of conversions, particularly in cases where conversion tracking might be incomplete or less accurate due to privacy changes.

We install enhanced conversion tracking codes for Google and Microsoft Ads via Google Tag Manager.

Done-for-You Google/Microsoft Merchant Center Connection

If you haven’t set up a Merchant Center before, this will be a huge help. The technical complexities can be confusing. For example, Microsoft can take up to a week to show products, and Google has many rules and policies to follow. It can be complicated for a novice (It’s not you—it’s them!).

If you’re an expert, take up this offer and save time.

Free Microsoft Ad Voucher (Valued up to $150 USD)

This is a limited offer, so act quickly! Get $1 in free ads for every $1 you spend.

Microsoft Ads are gaining ground. Their addition of Copilot, powered by ChatGPT-4, has led to a huge surge in clicks and conversions.