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why feedops?

Optimize your product data for better advertising returns

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Get optimization suggestions on how to improve your ads

FeedOps Artificial Intelligence (AI) scans your product data and identifies opportunities to improve your product discoverability and reach. It will then suggest changes for you to review and apply.

Work on the most important optimization tasks first

The FeedOps Playbook helps you to get the maximum return on your time and your advertising investment by identifying and prioritizing optimization tasks that will lead to better advertising returns.

Test the quality of the product data and create a report

The FeedOps Product Data Audit will test and score your product data optimization and health for each advertising channel. Audits are free to create and there is no limit to the number of audits

Quickly edit multiple product attributes at the same time

FeedOps Bulk Editing Tools make it easy and fast to add missing data or edit existing data. Simply select the columns you want to edit and filter down to to a specific criteria to edit multiple products.

Rearrange your product data attributes to make better ads

FeedOps Templated Titles and Descriptions allows you to construct titles and descriptions from product attributes, so that they match the way people search for your products

Find the most popular search terms for your product data

The FeedOps Keyword Research Tool let you choose the best product attribute values based on search volume to increase reach. When used in conjunction with templated titles and descriptions you can target specific keywords for better ranking.

Get more images approved with auto image selection

FeedOps Watermark Detection will automatically select the image most appropriate for the channel and make that the primary image. This feature only works when products have multiple images.

Make sure you keep your product data quality high

FeedOps Health Check and Optimization Score tested products based on each channel’s data requirements. The optimization score highlights opportunity to improve your product data and advertising returns. 

Get better granularity in your analytics and tracking

FeedOps UTM Tagging lets you control how your products are measured in Analytics tools by adding custom UTM tags to your feeds. You set up different tags per channel and ad type (e.g. Google Shopping Vs Free Listings) and add as many variables as you need.

Connect most ecommerce store quickly and for free

FeedOps Store Connection API makes it’s easy for you to connect your product data. We have API connections with all of the major ecommerce platforms. In many cases we can also connect to custom websites.

Get access to the most popular advertising channels

FeedOps Advertising Channel Sync helps you to improve your return on ad spend with optimization tools that have been built specifically to help digital marketers advertise in major channels.

Get one on one support for better advertising returns

FeedOps Customer Support exists to help you succeed. We offer ticket support for all users and customer success management on all paid plans.

Find out how optimizing product data can improve advertising results.

We usually respond within one business day.