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Who This Book is For: This guide is an indispensable resource for ecommerce business owners, digital marketers, or anyone aiming to profitably scale their business using Pmax (Google Shopping).

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About this book

This guide isn’t your typical E-commerce manual; it challenges conventional wisdom and proposes a more effective approach. Rather than suggesting an increased ad spend and wider reach, our guide advocates for sustainable, repeatable results. It focuses on leveraging the right channels, ad formats, and optimization activities that boost sales and increase ROAS.


What You’ll Learn

  • The evolution of online shopping platforms from Froogle to the modern era of Pmax
  • The role of Google Shopping in connecting buyers and sellers
  • The application of dynamic remarketing, dynamic search ads, and contextual advertising within Pmax
  • How to create a Pmax campaign that delivers measurable results
  • Strategies for optimizing and expanding your Pmax campaign for sustainable success
  • The significance of aligning your marketing OKRs with your overall company objectives