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About us

FeedOps helps people who want to advertise products online to do it better. 

FeedOps provides the tools, training and the technical assistance you need to advertise in an AI driven digital world.

Our mission is to make online advertising easy and effective for every eCommerce advertiser.  We help you manage the product data that is important for successful product level advertising campaigns. 

FeedOps is the only product data feed management platform that is focused on driving better return on ad spend. We have walked a mile in your shoes, and as previous advertising agency operators we know what it’s like to be accountable for advertising performance. For this reason we strongly believe that product data feed management should be done by the person that is accountable for delivering a return on ad spend (ROAS).

We work with online retailers and advertising/media agencies to help them improve their product data through audits, AI driven recommendations, and editing tools. Our team of experts provides technical support and guidance to help solve complex product data problems that stop your products from showing and selling. With FeedOps, you can be confident that your product data is accurate, optimized and ready to power your product level ads.

Find out how optimizing product data can improve advertising results.

We usually respond within one business day.