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Mastering Shopping Feed and ROAS Optimization

Unlock the Secrets of Shopping Feed and ROAS Optimization. 


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Engage with the FeedOps team in an insightful series of webinars designed to enhance your skills in shopping feed optimization. Participate in live Q&A sessions to get your most pressing questions answered, whether they're about Google or Microsoft's Merchant Center. This series is your gateway to mastering optimization techniques that can significantly boost your online sales.

  1. Unpacking PMax, Smart Shopping, and Feeds: Understand the basics of product listing ads in an AI-driven world.
  2. From Your Website to Merchant Center: Product Data Plumbing – Connect and complete your product data for seamless Merchant Center integration.
  3. Keyword Targeting: The Art of Capturing Search Intent – Learn the significance of keyword targeting in search engine marketing.
  4. Titles & Product Types: The Game-Changing Optimizations – Discover how to enhance visibility and sales through product titles and categories.
  5. Advanced Optimization: Leverage Custom Labels and Data Rules – Master the automation of optimization and advertising for efficiency.
  6. Reporting – Follow the Money: Tracking the True Source of Your Sales – Delve into sales tracking and reporting to optimize your marketing strategy.
Whether you aim to elevate your online sales, refine your marketing strategies, or deepen your understanding of shopping feed optimization, this series will provide valuable insights and practical tips to take your e-commerce efforts to the next level.

These webinars are tailored for:

  • E-commerce Business Owners
  • Digital Marketers
  • SEO and SEM Specialists
  • Merchants Using Google or Microsoft Merchant Center
  • Data Analysts in E-commerce

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