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Fix Merchant Center revenue blockers

FeedOps is a product feed management software platform for busy, sales-focused eCommerce marketers that need to deliver better results.

Hands down the best product feed management software on earth, amazing support, fast and extremely knowledgeable crew. They have literally saved us hundreds of hours and now we can submit all of our feeds with no errors to the Merchant Center!

How can we help you today?

  • I have a Google Merchant Center account suspension warning
  • All my products are disapproved for dynamic remarketing
  • I have limited performance due to missing GTINS
  • I have products disapproved due to inaccurate shipping prices
  • I need local inventory feeds for my physical stores
FeedOps Product Feed Management Software

Partnering with FeedOps supercharged our Google Pmax/Shopping campaigns. The user-friendly platform enabled quick, impactful optimizations. FeedOps' responsiveness and reliability are top-notch.

Who Thrives With FeedOps?

Product feed management software that tackles technical blockers for retailers and agencies

We’re not just product feed management software. We’re your go-to resource for achieving product-level success. We tackle technical roadblocks in advertising, measurement, affiliate marketing, emails, and marketplace sales. Our diverse clientele includes:

  • eCommerce: Boost your product visibility on search engines for increased sales.
  • Agencies: Streamline your clients’ product feeds and deliver more effective ad campaigns.
  •  Enterprise clients: Unlock advanced optimization and scalability across search engines, marketplaces, email, affiliates, and beyond.
  • Find quick wins
  • Fix systemic issues
  • Feed mastery

The Playbook: How It Works

Get more clicks at lower cost. Let the FeedOps Playbook guide you.

Every ecommerce revenue story starts with impressions, click-through rates, and clicks. Of course, conversions and ROAS are your marketing goals. However, conversions are influenced by price and availability competitiveness, while ROAS depends on your budget and bid settings. The work you do in Merchant Center boosts visibility, leading to more products gaining impressions, better click-through rates, and ultimately, more clicks.

FeedOps Playbook uses algorithms and AI to analyze your product data and provides clear steps for improvement. Each advertising channel receives an optimization score, and tasks are prioritized in job cards to guide you toward the best results.

Feedops A! - Product Feed Management Software - Suggestions

A product unseen is a product unsold.

  • Works with:
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Microsoft Merchant Center
  • Meta Commerce Manager

Feed Editing Tools: How It Works

FeedOps Playbook - Product Feed Management Software

Transform your data feeds

Identify and fill in missing attributes like GTINs, brand and gender. Edit product types with keyword-rich data. Target high-volume keywords for improved Google and Bing Shopping rankings. Generate unique titles and descriptions for marketplaces using templates. Make changes at scale using rules to eliminate repetition.

Yes, your data does need editing — here's how FeedOps makes it effortless

Wondering why you need to edit your product data feed for each advertising and marketing channel? You’re not alone. SEO work makes your site data great but product feeds are a different beast. They serve multiple platforms, each with unique requirements like GTINs or Age Groups. Search engines like Google and Bing need tailored keywords in titles and descriptions. Marketplaces? They want unique data to rank your products on their sites.

FeedOps offers quick, versatile product feed management software tools to adapt your data for any channel. Edit single or multiple products, use templates, apply rules, or use our AI data augmentation — the sky’s the limit.

FeedOps Support: How It Works

Unmatched support! We've got your back, so you can do what you do best

We don’t use the term ‘support’ lightly. While we may not be the life of the industry party, we’re committed to having your back when you encounter obstacles or setbacks.  We work with very talented and creative eCommerce and performance marketers, but even the very best need support in their crucial roles. Our team handles the technical details so you can focus on doing what you do best. What distinguishes us is our readiness to extend help beyond just using our software. We assist with feed management and offer the ancillary support you need for successful advertising.

FeedOps have been a great partner to work with. They have resolved all feed issues straight away and have put in the time and effort to upskill and train our team with how the platform works as well as best practices. Highly recommended.

Some of the ways we help

FeedOps can map, import, or find missing GTINs; set up complex shipping rates in Merchant Center; find and fix price mismatch issues; set up or troubleshoot conversion tracking on any platform, including cross-domain; and set up enhanced conversions, GA4 or dynamic remarketing tags.

Store Connection: How It Works

Choose your best fit store connection option

start for free with feedops

Install FeedOps App, start free.

Start by installing the Shopify or BigCommerce app. Then, enjoy the FeedOps Solo plan free for the first 6 months, which includes feeds for Google, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Bing. Afterward, switch to a low monthly fee. Or upgrade to the Optimize plan at any time for full support. 

connect a shopping Feed to Merchant Center

Free 30-day trial with full support.

Start a 30-day trial with full support on our Optimize plan, covering Google Meta and Bing feeds. Receive customized support to fix Merchant Center disapprovals and boost traffic. Connect your store, map attributes correctly, and create a plan to increase visibility, traffic, and sales. 

Channel Connections: How It Works

Tailor your strategy with versatile channel options

Channels are output data feeds, and FeedOps lets you customize your product data for each one. Our support spans three primary areas:

  1. Advertising – We work with platforms like Google Merchant Center, Microsoft Merchant Center, and Meta.
  2. Marketplaces – Covering Amazon, eBay, MyDeal, Catch, and more. Order synchronization is also available.
  3. Marketing – Think affiliate marketing, email campaigns, and customer reviews.

Need a channel that’s not listed? Custom connections are also an option. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

If it has an API, we can hook you up. Simple as that.

All plans get: Google, Microsoft, Meta.

Optional channels: TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, MySale, MyDeal, Reebelo, Westfield Direct, RTB House, Criteo, Commission Factory, Microsoft, Meta, Bunnings Marketplace, Catch, Amazon (MFN + FBA), Kogan, Ebay, Woolworths Everyday, Walmart Marketplace, Impact Radius, FB & IG Commerce, Partnerize Affiliate Network, Dynamic Yield, Rakuten, Bunnings, BazaarVoice, Emarsys.

If the channel you want isn’t on our list, contact us. We’ll assist you.

Explore plans: Flexible Pricing


Low cost DIY feed solution for Shopify and BigCommerce.


Accelerate Merchant Center approvals and tune listings.


Multi-website management to streamline product data management.


We monitor your feeds for errors and optimize them for more sales.

Product feed management: a journey of optimization

Feed management isn’t a one-time task—it’s a journey. It begins with getting connected, but savvy marketers and channel managers soon realize optimization is the real game-changer.

For newcomers or those on a tight budget, the Solo Plan is an ideal start. It gives you access to the FeedOps toolkit, with options to add more feed and ad support as needed. If you have a medium-to-high ad budget, our Optimize Plan is the way to go. For heavy Google spenders juggling fluctuating inventory and multiple channels, a custom solution is just a call away.

Agencies aren’t left out—we offer dedicated plans for those wanting to provide feed management to clients, as well as a collaboration plan for agencies seeking a reliable partner. Want to know more? Check out our pricing or get in touch.

Free Google Shopping feed audit

FeedOps Product data Google Shopping Bing Shopping Feed Audit

Looking for a hassle-free way to compare FeedOps with your current setup? Start with a free tailored audit of your existing product data and Google Shopping feed. Our team will evaluate your current data and feed to identify areas for improvement, aiming to boost product visibility, clicks, and sales.