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FeedOps Freebies: Feed Audit

Get a free Google Shopping feed and Merchant Center audit

This free audit identifies issues in your Google Shopping feed, and Google Merchant Center errors that limit visibility, traffic, and ROAS.

Key Deliverable: Presentation of Audit Findings

Discover what’s holding you back from maximizing your online sales. A free Google Shopping Feed audit can pinpoint areas for improvement and set the stage for revenue growth. Don’t let technical obstacles slow you down; take action today. 

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Checks on Website Product Data, Shopping Feed, and Merchant Center

Your product data originates from your website. Often, it lacks the details needed to meet Google Shopping requirements. The Shopping feed, uploaded to Google Merchant Center, may also include supplemental data from your team or agencies. Finally, the Merchant Center provides information on warnings and errors that can affect your listings. Each component plays a vital role in your online visibility and ROI.  This free Google Shopping feed audit examines all three to give you a comprehensive view of what needs fixing.

Some of the things we look at (and why)

  • Titles: Vague or incomplete titles could lead to lower visibility in search results.
  • Descriptions: Missing keywords in your descriptions could affect the product’s search relevance and visibility.
  • Images: Missing or low-quality images could result in disapproved listings.
  • Price: Missing or inaccurate pricing information could lead to disapproved listings or lower click-through rates. Make sure your sale prices are shown to maximum advantage.
  • GTIN/UPC: Missing these could prevent the product from showing up in relevant searches and might result in disapproved listings.
  • Product Type: Incorrect or vague product types can affect how the algorithm categorizes and displays your product.
  • Shipping: If shipping information is missing, Google may disapprove the listing or shoppers may be discouraged by unknown costs.
Each of these attributes is critical for the successful listing of a product in Google Merchant Center and for maximizing ROI.