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Google Shopping and Microsoft shopping feed management services for time-poor, performance-driven digital marketers.

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Case Study

Gaining More Customers, Boosting More Revenue

The Power of Feed Optimization

Incremental optimization across a broad product range can profoundly influence net revenue, growth, and profits. This case study reveals how Healthylife, by partnering with FeedOps and their agency, leveraged shopping feed optimization to drive remarkable growth. Through strategic, minor adjustments, the collaboration unlocked new levels of customer engagement and revenue, illustrating the substantial impact of nuanced optimizations in digital marketing strategies. 




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How Google Shopping Feed Management Services Work

Optimized for Time-Poor, Performance-Driven Marketers Seeking Peak Ad Performance


We formulate a comprehensive onboarding plan customized to your needs. This plan encompasses the transition of any existing optimizations and ensures seamless integration with the FeedOps platform, your website, and Google. Our goal is to lay a strong foundation for the ongoing improvement of your shopping feeds.

Platform Access

We provide you and any designated team members or external agency complete access to the FeedOps platform. Alongside Google Shopping Feed, you gain complimentary access to Microsoft and Meta feeds. Additionally, marketplace feeds can be integrated as needed.

Optimization Plan

We initiate the process by aligning with your unique business objectives, identifying your key priorities, and assessing the frequency of your product updates. This essential step guarantees that our services are meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements and goals of your business.

Feed Optimization

Optimization incorporates AI and advanced data rules, utilizing these to map existing fields to Google Shopping and supplement missing required data fields (brand, gender, color, etc.), thereby enhancing reach. Additionally, we implement a focused keyword strategy, ensuring your products appear in searches for your most critical terms.

Merchant Center Support

We continuously monitor the Merchant Center for issues to ensure your priority products are always visible. This involves addressing Merchant Center errors and warnings. We rectify any issues within our control and collaborate with your team to resolve any others.

Meeting Cadance

We set a meeting cadence, anticipating more frequent interactions during the initial three months, which will then settle into a regular rhythm. This phase includes strategizing collaboration with your team to maintain alignment and provide optimal support.

Google and Microsoft Shopping Feed Management Pricing

Shopping feed management pricing includes access to Microsoft Shopping feeds and Meta catalog feeds. All prices are listed in AUD and billed every 30 days. Billing is also available in USD, NZD, SGD, and EUR. Contact us for a quote.



We do it with you:

We guide you and provide the technical expertise needed to optimize product attributes, insert focused keywords for targeted and long-tail keyword strategies, and establish advanced data rules for automated optimization.



We do it for you

We execute the optimization plan, monitor, and manage your Merchant Center issues, fixing what is within our control and collaborating with your team to resolve other issues. Prices range from  $1,000/m  to $7,000/m. Larger sites can exceed $20,000/m 

Getting Started 

Contact us to discuss your needs. We would also be delighted to review your current shopping feed (or feeds) and Merchant Center to provide a detailed audit and custom proposal.