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FeedOps Acquires Muzaara

FeedOps Announces Acquisition of Muzaara to Enhance E-commerce Marketing Solutions. 

In a strategic move to enhance its e-commerce marketing capabilities, FeedOps has acquired Muzaara, a prominent player in connecting SMB merchants to advertising platforms. This acquisition marks a significant step in FeedOps’ journey to simplify technology for impactful e-commerce marketing.

A History of Innovation and Growth

FeedOps, originally an in-house tool developed by Dynamic Creative, has evolved into a formidable software business in the retail and marketing tech sectors. After the split of Dynamic Creative into RQMedia and FeedOps, and the subsequent sale of RQMedia to the MerchantWise Group in July 2022, founder Frank Grasso has been repositioning FeedOps as a leader in the field. FeedOps provides essential tools for e-commerce marketers and marketplace managers to distribute product data across various advertising channels and marketplaces, including Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon.


Strategic Acquisition to Empower SMB Merchants

The acquisition of Muzaara aligns with FeedOps’ mission to cater to a broader range of businesses, including small and medium-sized merchants. Muzaara’s expertise in connecting products to Microsoft ads complements FeedOps’ advanced tech stack, which primarily serves more advanced marketers and channel managers.

Frank Grasso, founder of FeedOps, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition: “As we explored expanding into app stores to assist smaller merchants, we realized that our technology stack was still geared towards more advanced marketers. The Muzaara deal made perfect sense. Neil and his team have done a fabulous job helping SMB merchants connect their products to Microsoft ads. This acquisition will accelerate our learning and strengthen our team, revenue, and customer base.”

A Future of Simplified E-commerce Advertising

FeedOps remains committed to its core mission as a technology company: to work with businesses of all sizes and help them simplify their advertising processes. This acquisition is a testament to that commitment, promising to deliver more accessible and efficient solutions for e-commerce marketing.
Neil Thomas, founder of Muzaara, commented on the acquisition: “[Placeholder for Neil Thomas’s quote]”
With this acquisition, FeedOps is poised to expand its reach and enhance its offerings, making a significant impact in the world of e-commerce marketing.

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Frank Grasso, CEO, FeedOps
Website: www.feedops.com
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