FeedOps Elevates Shopify Feed Optimization with Google Shopping Integration

FeedOps is excited to announce enhancements to its Shopify App Store offering, FeedOps Solo, a tool designed to maximize visibility, clicks, and sales on Google Shopping for Shopify merchants. By simplifying the optimization process through direct integration with Google Merchant Center, FeedOps ensures that products reach a wider audience effectively.

Frank Grasso, CEO of FeedOps, comments on the update: “We’ve refined our offering to better serve Shopify merchants at all levels. FeedOps now bridges the gap between simplicity and sophistication in feed optimization, aiding growth across the board.”

Optimization Made Simple and Effective

FeedOps boosts product visibility and sales by facilitating targeted keyword optimization and seamless Google Merchant Center integration. Merchants can navigate the optimization landscape with ease using the FeedOps Playbook, benefiting from expert support and a complimentary training session. Advanced features like bulk editing and a data rules engine simplify the optimization process. Furthermore, FeedOps’ multi-channel management and custom label creation offer unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, making it a versatile tool for merchants looking to enhance their online presence.

Exclusive Offer for New Users

Celebrating these enhancements, FeedOps offers new users a 12-month free trial of FeedOps Solo, including one free optimization session, available exclusively to those who download and install the app via the Shopify App Store. This offer highlights FeedOps’ commitment to supporting Shopify merchants’ growth journey.

About FeedOps


Leading the way in feed optimization technology, FeedOps is dedicated to helping Shopify merchants excel online. With solutions for both novice and experienced users, FeedOps empowers store owners to effectively optimize their Google Shopping feeds and expand their businesses.


Contact Information:

Frank Grasso, CEO, FeedOps
Website: www.feedops.com
LinkedIn: Frank Grasso

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