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How to Tailor Your Products to Meet Shoppers' Search Intent

Dive into the art of keyword mastery in our upcoming webinar, “Targeting Keywords.” With a focus on “How to Tailor Products to Meet Shoppers’ Intent,” we’ll explore strategies for identifying the most effective keywords for your products. Learn about the nuances of long-tail keywords and match types, and uncover how to optimize your product data to ensure maximum alignment with shopper intent. This session promises to arm you with the insights needed to enhance your product visibility and attract more targeted customers.

May 15, 2024, 12pm AEST, May 14, 7pm PDT

Frank Grasso, CEO, FeedOps

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The Agenda

  1. Introduction to Keyword Targeting in Shopping Feeds – Overview of the importance of keyword targeting for online sales success.
  2. Clustering Similar Products and Variants –  Strategies for grouping products to maximize visibility and relevance.
  3. Keyword Research Techniques – Identifying high-impact keywords for your products.
  4. Understanding Match Types – Exploring broad, phrase, and exact match types and their application in shopping feeds.
  5. Implementing Focused Keywords in FeedOps – How to effectively use targeted keywords within the FeedOps platform.
  6. Long-Tail Targeting in Product Data – Leveraging long-tail keywords to capture niche market segments.
  7. Precision Targeting in Titles – Crafting product titles that align closely with shopper search intent.
  8. Transforming Titles into High CTR Ads – Techniques for turning precise, targeted titles into advertisements that drive clicks.
  9. Q&A Session – Open forum for attendees to ask questions and discuss specific challenges.
  10. Closing Remarks  – Summary of key takeaways and next steps for implementing strategies.