5 reasons to continually optimise your product feed

It should come as no surprise that optimised product feeds perform better in the ecommerce marketplaces, like Google Shopping, Microsoft ad network and Meta.

The data in your product feed is the only information that these advertising platforms algorithms use to determine the right audience for your products. Therefore, the success of your campaigns are largely dependent on the quality of your product feed.

Having a product feed management platform in place, advertisers have the necessary tools to drive campaign performance across the management of their feed and ensure the product information is accurate and up to date.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to optimise your product feed continuously.

1 - More Revenue (ROAS)

A fully optimised feed will drive better performance by ensuring your ads are better matched to your audience of buyers. It will help increase your overall visibility (more impressions), engagement rates (click through rates) meaning a much better chance of making sales and revenue (increased conversion rates)

Using a feed management platform, like FeedOps, allows users to make the necessary changes quickly and easily, to gain an advantage over competitors and maximise the return on their advertising dollars.

2 - Accurate and current product information

For most online retailers, the product feed will be continuously changing.
As an example, product lines will be added (or removed) as well as changing of price points. With ongoing changes, such as these, it’s necessary to update the product feed to ensure that what the consumer sees is correct and current.

Not displaying up-to-date product information, that reflects fully the product information on your website, may lead to ad disapprovals and make for a bad customer shopping experience.

Advertising outdated product information, or items that are no longer available in stock, will ultimately cost the advertiser in missed revenue opportunities.

3- Testing

Testing is another very important reason to continually optimise your product feed.

One example of a testing activity would be around the keywords used in your feed. Potential buyers will use a varied set of keywords when searching for your products. These keyword trends can change over time, so it’s best practice to keep on top of these trends and continually review.

To make life easier, FeedOps have recently introduced a Keyword Fetch Tool, giving users the most searched for terms relating to their categories and products.

This way, users of the platform will be ensuring they get the maximum coverage for their products in the shopping marketplaces, by selecting the highest volume keywords used by potential customers

4- Time Saving

For many marketeers, there aren’t enough hours in the day. This can be particularly true for those manually updating their product feeds, across multiple channels, which is a cumbersome, complex and very time consuming practice.

Savvy marketers can use a feed management platform to automate and easily update their product information based on a set of predefined rules. Not only does this save time, it also minimises human error.

If you feel you are spending too much time updating your feed, or require the assistance of a developer to do so, it might be time to move to a feed management platform, like FeedOps, which can take care of a lot of manual tasks – allowing you to spend more time on other strategic optimisation initiatives.

5- Control

Marketers are able to manage their full feed optimisation activities in one place, giving total control over their campaigns. There is no coding or technical skills required, just follow the optimisation suggestions in the FeedOps ‘Playbook’.

It really is that simple to review and publish the necessary changes in your product feed, without needing to bring in outside help, resources, or costly development team members


About FeedOps

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