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Unlocking eCommerce Success with Product Type Depth Optimizations in Google Shopping

Your product feed is not just a catalog; it’s your digital storefront. Having an optimized feed is the foundation for effective advertising on the likes of Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. Keeping this in mind ensures that your products are not lost in cyberspace but are strategically positioned to capture the attention of your target audience on your chosen advertising channels.

Product Type Depth optimizations in Google Shopping can be a great way to gain a competitive edge in the search results. Product Types are often seen merely as a classification of a website’s products. Having that view, however, is a missed opportunity for eCommerce retailers because optimising product types can also be a very strategic move to improve the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns.

The addition of relevant keyword search terms to your product types is one of the key optimizations to a product data feed that will improve relevance, overall visibility in the results and better matching your products to buyers search terms. Remember that Google’s machine learning algorithms rely on keywords in your product feed to gain a full understanding of your products. The keywords found in the Product Types and titles play a big part in this.

Product Type Depth: Going Beyond the Basics

It should be clear now that Product type depth goes beyond generic classifications and your websites taxonomy. It’s much more than that, it’s a detailed categorization that provides a nuanced view of each of your products. This granularity transforms your product feed from a mere listing to a powerful tool for enhancing customer experience and driving sales.

As an example, here are two variations of Product Types for the same product or listing group. One has not been optimised, while the other one has been.

Example of a Product Type depth that may follow a website’s categories but has not been optimised for advertising channels:

  • Women’s Fashion > Dresses > Summer Dresses

Example of a well optimised product type depth:

  • Women’s Fashion > Dresses > Summer Dresses > Midi Floral  Dress > Floral Summer Midi Dress

What this can mean in the Google Shopping search results

  • Greater Visibility

Elevate your products’ visibility by targeting a broader range of searches and keyword matching. Incorporating high-volume keywords alongside alternative search terms ensures that your products are positioned for maximum exposure in relevant searches.

  • Improved Relevance

Product type depth allows for a more precise and nuanced categorization of your products. By providing detailed classifications, you enable Google’s machine learning algorithms to better comprehend your products, ensuring precise matching with buyer searches. This heightened relevance is the cornerstone for attracting the right audience for your products.

  • More Accurate Targeting

Granular product types open up avenues for better targeted advertising and a well-defined product type hierarchy is your ticket to success. Ensure that your ads reach users with a higher likelihood of conversion by aligning with ‘long-tail’ searches—those intricate queries utilizing multiple keywords and product attributes. This strategic targeting technique maximizes the chances of connecting and converting users actively seeking products like yours.

Supporting Your Optimization Journey

By leveraging the capabilities of platforms like FeedOps, businesses can seamlessly integrate product type depth into their feeds. FeedOps automates the categorization process with precision, ensuring that your products are strategically positioned for optimal performance.  

In addition, there are many tools available in FeedOps at your disposal to efficiently improve your Product Type depth:

Feed Rules – FeedOps gives you the ability to create data rules which can automatically populate the Product Types based on certain criteria that you set. As an example, the condition could be ‘title contains 2XU’ can trigger an action to set ‘Product Type 2 to Sports Garments’ and ‘Product Type 3 to Compression Wear’

Bulk Editing – Easily edit product lines or categories in bulk. Simply filter the products to a particular group, then edit the Product Types at scale and save countless hours.

Keyword Planner – FeedOps have an in-built keyword planner that will help you select the most appropriate keywords for your Product Types. By selecting relevant keywords that match search volumes, you will ensure that your products will be showing for the greatest number of relevant searches, thus increasing your online visibility.

In Conclusion

Incorporating product type depth optimizations into your Google Shopping strategy is not just a refinement; it’s a game-changing strategy to propel your campaigns to new heights.  Product Type Depth goes beyond mere classification—it’s a strategic manoeuvre to optimize your product data feed, enhancing relevance and gaining a decisive edge in the competitive arena of search results.

Embrace the power of precision, enhance your visibility, and elevate your targeting with product type depth optimizations. Let your Google Shopping campaigns reflect the depth and nuances of your products, capturing the attention of your audience and driving unparalleled success in your eCommerce campaigns.