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Benefits Of Google Shopping – 7 Great Reasons

Over the last few years, more than 50% of all Google Ads spend has shifted from traditional text ads to Google Shopping ads. If you need a little help, check out our Google Shopping Ads Management Services.

Here are 7 benefits of Google Shopping Ads

1.Show the images of your products


You can create an ad with an image, title and price for every product on your website.Google Shopping ads allow you to advertise an image for each of the products you are selling. The benefit this provides retailers over Google Search ads lies in how shoppers respond to images. Firstly, an image of your product means your Google Shopping ads are much more likely to be remembered than a text ad. 65% of people are visual learners and will remember a picture of product over text about one. Another advantage of image based advertising is that shoppers are drawn to image ads before text a According to research from 3M, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. Using images with Google Shopping ads allows you to get your website found faster and easier than ever before. Shoppers respond to simplicity. Removing overly descriptive text in place of an image keeps your ads simple and effective.

2.Search engine results page (serp) real estate

As simple as it sounds, taking up more of a search engine results page can have more of an impact on the effectiveness of your ads. Google Shopping ads appear above text ads, giving you the chance to get your products in front of shoppers at the first opportunity. Google Shopping ads allows you to ‘own’ a Google search results page with your products and brand.

3. You can get better conversion rates

One of the most practical benefits of Google Shopping ads is that they convert better than Google Search & Display ads. Alongside the appeal of image advertising and their page location, shoppers are more likely to buy a product after clicking on a shopping ad. With Google Shopping ads, you’re reaching people that have shown a greater intent to buy. If a search matches to your specific product title, the shopper is likely to be further along their purchase journey. As a result, Google Shopping ads have over 30% higher conversion rates than Google Search ads.

4. Save money on irrelevant click

Google Shopping Ads can pre-qualify buyers in a way that other ad formats can’t. Shopping ads show the product in the image, can outline sizes and colours in the title and include the price. If a shopper doesn’t like the look of a product, or is looking for a particular size or price point, they will be able to find the information before clicking on your ad. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. By filtering our potential buyers before they click on your ad, Google Shopping ads save you money on irrelevant clicks. Pre qualifying with your image, title and price means you only ever pay for relevant traffic.

5. Product specific landing pages

Google Shopping ads will direct shoppers to your website’s product specific landing pages. With Google Search and Display ads, more often than not you’re driving shoppers to category pages or your homepage. In doing so, you’re adding steps between a shopper and a sale. One of the biggest benefits of Google Shopping ads is that you can drive shoppers to the pages you want. Google Shopping ads make a sale as frictionless as possible by taking people to product pages. Shoppers would then ideally add your products to their cart in 1-click.

6. No keywords

With Google Shopping ads, you don’t have to worry about picking the keywords most relevant to your products. Searches match to your product titles, not a manually entered keyword. The search popularity of your product and your title optimisations will dictate how sizeable and relevant your traffic is. So any traffic shaping optimisations you want to make to your Google Shopping ads can happen easily at the product title level on your website.

7. Dynamic Remarketing

You can use Google Shopping ads whilst also taking advantage of Google’s machine learning with Smart Shopping. Smart shopping ads are in the same format as standard shopping ads but utilise automated bidding to reach consumers more likely to purchase your particular product. As well as the product Shopping ads, Google’s Smart Shopping includes Dynamic Remarketing. This shows tailored display ads to your website visitors on the Google Display Network. The benefit of Google Shopping Ads over Google Display ads, is that you’re targeting shoppers who’ve shown an intent to purchase. The user will have searched for your product and clicked on your Google Shopping ads.



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