Google Ad Formats, What Should You Use?

Importance of online advertising

Online advertising is critical to the success of a business with a website, particularly for those needing to get sales when footfall is decreasing for retailers. Online advertising will help your business to be found by those that are searching for your products.

People are turning to the internet, now more than ever, to find information about products before making their final purchase decision. Therefore, it is important for businesses to advertise their products to these people when they are looking.

Online advertising allows you to target specific people (those who are interested in your products) as well as reaching people in a targeted geographic area.

When considering online advertising costs, you should consider your online store similarly to a physical store. Therefore you should regard your starting advertising budget as a similar cost to a junior staff member in a bricks and mortar store. Although it costs money to advertise, you are able to reach people in the market more efficiently.

The two Google ad formats for online sales

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are a Google ad format that allows consumers to search for, compare and shop for physical products across a range of retailers. Clicking on an ad, will then send the user directly to the retailers website. From here, they can find out more information about the product and ultimately complete the purchase.

Google Shopping Ads consist of your product title, your branding, and image of the product and your products price.


Google Shopping Ads show based on product data (such as product title, product description, size, colour) that a retailer uploads to their Google Merchant Center. This data needs to be relevant and optimised to how people search for products. Learn more about Google shopping ads and what they look like.


Why use Google shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads add a visual touch to an otherwise text-heavy advertising experience. They allow consumers to physically see what the product looks like and the cost prior to clicking on an ad. This ultimately results in better qualified leads and a better experience for the consumer.

Shopping ads also offer a broader presence as multiple shopping ads for a particular retailer can appear for a given search, and if relevant, alongside a search text ad from the same retailer.

Google Search Ads

Google Search ads are a Google ad format that are text based and appear with Google search results and on other search sites when your keywords are relevant to a user’s search. They may appear above or below search results on Google Search. They may also appear beside, above or below search results on Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images & Google Maps.


Google Search ads consist of headlines and descriptions that describe a product or service offering. They also generally include the business branding and unique selling propositions.


When you create a Google search ad, you will choose a range of keywords – words and phrases that you want to target and have your ad show for. Your search ads will then show when a user searches for the words and phrases that you have picked.

It is important when creating your ads to make sure that the ads match the keywords you have selected and go to the most relevant page on your website. This is to make sure your ad is highly relevant which in turn will improve your quality score and reduce your cost per click. To learn more about how to set up your Google search campaign for success.

Why use Google search ads

Google Search Ads allow you to target active users who are directly searching for your products and services. This is based on the keywords that you have selected for targeting. This means that you are targeting relevant customers who are interested in your product/service.

Unlike Google Shopping, Google Search Ads also allows you to advertise services such as trades, hotels and flights (or any other non physical goods).

How we can help you by using Google ad formats

Advertising using Google ad formats can be very effective. That’s where Dynamic Creative can help. We have management plans starting at $299 for Google Shopping and/or Google Search to suit advertising budgets from $1,500 and beyond.

Dynamic Creative Ad Platform is able to integrate with your website to:

  • Optimise your product and category data to match the way that shoppers search, browse and buy for Google Shopping.
  • Create Google Shopping and/or Search ads for every product, category, subcategory and variant listed on your website.
  • You’ll get single keyword ad groups and expanded search ads for every landing page on your website. This will improve ad relevance and landing page experience.
  • We can automate ad copy to create expanded and responsive search ads with relevant keywords and products or services prices.

Please reach out to us here at Dynamic Creative if you need some assistance – we are here to help.



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