New Feature: FeedOps Optimization Suggestions

optimization suggestion

Today we have released a new feature that provides optimization suggestions for your product attributes, giving you more flexibility than ever before in how you optimize your product data within FeedOps.

FeedOps optimization suggestions use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on your website product data to generate optimization suggestions that follow shopping guidelines.

Optimizing suggestions will be available for your products at FeedOps > Channel > Products page. Each available suggestion is shown under your product data attributes for each product.

Product attributes supported by FeedOps for providing optimization suggestions are “Title, Description, Image Link, Additional Image Links, Colour, Size, Gender, Condition & Adult”.

Optimization Suggestions

How to bulk apply or dismiss FeedOps Optimization Suggestions.

1: Go to Website > Channel > Products

2: Go to Columns Selection > and select the attributes with optimization suggestions.

3: Select the products that you want to bulk apply or dismiss optimization suggestions.

Apply or Dismiss Suggestions

NOTE: Once you apply or dismiss a suggestion, it won’t be available anymore.

4: After applying your suggestions, click the “Save”  & “Publish” buttons.

Please note that it might take some time (maximum a day) for your optimizations to flow through Google/Facebook/Microsoft (depending on your inventory size) from FeedOps.

Other changes

Other changes include improving the performance of filtering products, especially while filtering products with “Title & Description” attributes.

Improved performance of saving your product optimizations and generating your shopping feeds. Also, you can now edit your website title (a single product at a time) and not just optimize it to have a template.

Title Editing