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Product Keyword Research, Target Valuable Keywords In Feeds

Product Keyword Research, Target Valuable Keywords In Feeds

Product Keyword Research is a vital part of any Google Pmax or Bing shopping campaign. Do you want to reach more customers and sell more products? Selecting the right keywords and making sure that they appear in your product data feed is your answer. 

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Why product keyword research matters!

Product Keyword research is a vital aspect of ecommerce success, as it allows businesses to identify the most popular search terms related to their product. By understanding which keywords are being used most often by potential customers, ecommerce advertisers can strategically place them in titles, product descriptions and other product attributes to ensure they appear at the top of search engine results.

Shoppers use keywords to search for products

Shopping online is a popular and convenient way for consumers to find the products they need. As such, it’s important to understand how shoppers search online in order to best meet their needs. Generally speaking, shoppers typically start by searching for specific items or brands they are interested in buying.  Additionally, many shoppers will use search terms that include colors and sizes to narrow down their choices before making a purchase.

Google, Microsoft & Meta need product data to train ML

Google, Microsoft, and Meta use  product data signals to train their machine learning algorithms. Product data with keywords provides a real-world context for the machine learning model to interact with, helping it to develop deeper understanding of how various attributes of a product relate to shoppers searching for products to buy.

Keywords in product data also make better ads

Keywords in your product feeds can help you make better ads. This is because the media use the data from your products to create the ads and decide who should see them. For example, if you have a keyword for a certain type of shoe, then people who search for that type of shoe will be more likely to see your ad when it comes up.

How to conduct Product Keyword Research?

There are many free product keyword research tools, a quick Google search will uncover a few, however, the Google Keyword Planner is a great place to start.

You can also use the Free FeedOps Product Keyword Research Tool which is available when you sign up and create a free account.

The main benefit of the FeedOps to find keywords is that you can also add them to your shopping feeds.

Fetching Keyword Ideas feature in FeedOps

Users can now select the highest volume keywords for their product types. Having this best practice in place means greater visibility for your products and product categories across a higher volume of relevant keyword searches.

Remember, the product feed data is essentially the only data that search engines use to match your products to buyers.  Having rich layers of optimised data makes a big difference to the overall success of the campaigns.

Working Example of fetching Keyword Ideas

As an example, Google strongly recommends at least 3 layers of product types. 

In this example, we see that this website has only 2 levels of product depth in their feed. As highlighted in the red box, Product Type category levels 3 to 5 are ‘empty’ and so is the ‘Focus Keyword’ column.

FeedOps Product Feed Editor - product keyword research- Product Type

To edit the columns, users simply select the products using the check boxes on the left hand side and select ‘Edit’. The screen below then launches:

product keyword research

(product keyword research) Selecting keywords by average monthly searchers. 

From here, users are able to select which Product Type level to edit. You are able to edit Product Type levels 1 through to 5, as well as having the option to search for “Keyword Ideas”, in bulk or for individual products.
In the above example, we are editing Product Type (3rd Level).
Clicking into the dropdown box, you also get the ‘Keyword Ideas’ box, as well as the ‘Average Monthly Searches’ metric, with another box indicating whether you have the keyword already added against the selected attribute.
This will also bring up the average monthly searches, in the highlighted red box. Users can also filter at country level, to drill down to the search volumes related to their active markets.
In this case above, ‘Woollen Socks’ would be the correct term to insert at 3rd category level, due to the higher search volume.
Simply select the search term and hit ‘Save’.

How conduct product keyword research in FeedOps

1. Go to Website > Channel > Products.

2. Go to Columns Selection > and select any/all Product Type 1, Product Type 2, Product Type 3, Product Type 4, Product Type 5 & Focus           Keyword attributes.

3. Select the products that you want to fetch keyword ideas for.

4. Click on “Edit” and open the selected attribute.

5. Select the country you want to target and then click “Fetch Keyword Ideas”.

Explain Product Keyword Research to a 5 Year Old!

When people sell things on the internet, they have to tell other people about the things they’re selling, like what the thing is, how much it costs, and what it looks like. But sometimes, they need help figuring out what words to use to describe their things so that more people can find them.

That’s where something called “product keyword research” comes in. It’s like a special tool that helps them figure out the best words to use to describe their things. When they use the right words, more people can find their things and want to buy them!

So, product keyword research is like a super helpful tool that helps people who sell things on the internet find the right words to use so that more people can see their things and want to buy them.