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Search Campaigns For Machine Learning

We have updated our Ad Platform software thus enabling Search campaigns to take full advantage of Google’s Machine Learning.

How Do We Automate Search Campaigns for Machine Learning?

Our automated “Enhanced”Search campaigns for machine learning are built from an integration between inventory based websites, our Ad Platform’s software and Google Ads.  We generate ads for every product, service or travel asset at the category and product level. We then add together product or service details with the company’s brand messaging. Depending on inventory size, we can create hundreds, thousands or even millions of ads through our platform, something that no human would be able to do.

The digital advertising team or brand owner can also add their brand narrative/unique selling propositions at scale across all ads through our software. We can also see which brand message works the best through the CTR% and Conversion data for each USP/message.

This is indeed true long tail ad generation. We give “the machine“ all the inputs and ad set choices it requires to serve the most appropriate and “likely to convert ad” to a potential buyer actively searching for the exact product or service. This is the perfect match of Google’s big data, buyer behaviour/customer needs and the Dynamic Creative Ad Tech.


What does this mean for advertisers?

This release includes a new campaign structure to proactively reduce the average cost per click (CPC) across the entire account. The structure is based upon a Single Keyword Ad Group with multiple ad formats (including responsive search ads). The outcome is highly detailed campaigns that improve the overall relevance and therefore, the average CPC. This means we can get better returns for the same advertising budget while maximising reach simultaneously. For more information on how we set up Search Campaigns for success, read our blog outlining our structure.

“It’s like we’ve been waiting for the recent changes in Machine Learning to fully enhance and unlock the potential of our advertising software” – Frank Grasso CEO.

Please contact us if you have any questions but we are truly excited that our Ad Platform can be fully utilised by Google’s Machine Learning and is a step change for advertising in Google Search.

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